"Automation for the rest of us"

You already use Salesforce CRM.
Now use the same rock-solid platform to integrate your whole business.
Switch your focus from underlying infrastructure to actual business logic.

The Apex Services Package is the only enterprise grade service container native to Salesforce. It provides automatic bulkification, automatic exception handling, and automatic transaction management. You can:

  • react to real world events
  • recover from errors without data loss
  • build Apex services that exchange messages to perform tasks
  • design systems that facilitate easy module inspection and module replacement

Once installed, the services package lives in your setup menu. Consider it an engineering extension to your Salesforce organization. Any apex code executed inside the container becomes context agnostic.

Governor limits and fatal exceptions need not be show stoppers. No more uncertainty. Now recover gracefully and automatically from transient failures. Or perform deeper analysis and then safely replay your event data.

Get up to speed quickly with loosely coupled components. By encouraging modular design, developers have a place for everything. Visualize all your moving parts, down to business logic and individual business events.

Load balancing and application server pooling is managed automatically. Services maximize the power of every single execution context, so that developers can build durable, efficient processes without the plumbing.

Apex Services Package Highlights


Use the drag and drop builder to build discrete components that address individual business needs. Business analysts focus on the 'what' instead of 'how'.


Monitor your services in real-time, on any device from anywhere. Then feel free to use your own workflow rules to escalate problems on your own terms.


Write simple and contained services with the full expressiveness of Apex. Use your existing tools to test and deploy them in Salesforce.


Use open source connectors straight off the shelf:
- Database subscriptions
- In/outbound SMTP
- Webhooks

Our goal is simple: to help you cut down barriers in your business and get value from Salesforce. Every day, we help admins and developers take control into their own hands using the platform. Contact us today - we promise instant access to a full stack team who are really easy to work with.

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