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Connected Apps FAQ

Usage and lifecycle points for admins and ISV developers. 

How to serialize a Flow

Pause a flow and access its state in Apex to store and retry problematic interviews, or split them into durable parts. 

Sankey animation

Near real-time metrics. 

Stream Reports to Flow

Run a report, then stream each result row into a Flow. 

From CSV into Flow

Stream a CSV file directly into Flow and catch any errors for later reprocessing 

Callable in API 44.0

Using this new system interface for testable asynchronous services. 

Streams for Apex

Streams are asynchronous event pipelines that give your code increased limits and the ability to recover from any error. 

Sneaky dynamic method invocation Part 2

Use the StubProvider interface to decouple execution. 

Beyond Experiments


Server-side image generation on SFDC

Live visualizations with mini components. 

Time To Change

Businesses don't care if you think clicks are good and code is bad. They care about running a business and keeping it running. 

Submitting multiple records to Flows

List Button mass actions do work natively in Flows. No extra components are needed to inject the selected records. 

Building it again takes ⅒ the time. Why?


Amazon Web Services SDK for Apex

Use apex code to build robust applications and software using Amazon services like S3 and EC2. 

Data Migration Godmode

Data migration processes should be reliable and repeatable. Use Apache Ant to automatically initialize the environment with appropriate CRUD, FLS, Record Types and Picklist Values. 

Destroy all Salesforce Metadata with Ant

Reset any org to a clean state by applying destructive changes to the entire metadata contents . 

Sneaky dynamic method invocation Part 1

Using toString() is one sneaky way to make a cross-package method call in Apex code without the need for custom interfaces or compile-time package dependencies. 

Running Apex code from Apache Ant

Using an Ant script, it's possible to call Execute Anonymous from the Tooling API. 

Snapshot all Salesforce metadata with Ant

Download the entire metadata contents of any org for backup or source control purposes using Ant. 

Managing custom metadata synchronously

Custom Metadata records can be created, updated and deleted synchronously using Apex web services. This is simple and responsive for interactive scenarios. 

Flying an IOT Helicopter using Streaming API

Non-serious integration with a mini helicopter using Node.js and streaming API. Valid commands are generated using declarative formulas.